European and Abyssinian breeding


T-litter born March 3rd 2014!

s: FI*Kassilan Mighty Mouse (EUR ns 24 var)

d: GIC Honey's Meringue (EUR g 23)

Markku had seven kittens in under an hour, and took care of them without loosing her curves, supermom!


Taattu Tonttu (EUR ns 23) stays in breeding (FI*Taikapeikon)

Taivahan Taatto (EUR ns 23) reserved


Taivahan Talikynttilä (EUR f 23) reserved

Takatalven Taika (EUR ns 23) reserved

Tulitikkutyttö (EUR f 24) stays in breeding (FI*Kassilan)

Tyrmäävä Tytsä (EUR f 24) reserved

Tyyris Tyllerö (EUR n 24) reserved

All seven have finally found there own homes, thanks for interest!



U-litter born March 5th 2014!

s: FI*Kassilan Qmaverinen Qtti (EUR ns)

d: Täplä (EUR n 24)


Uskalias Usko (EUR n) reserved


Uinuva Unelma (EUR n) available

Unelmien Ulriikka (EUR ns 22) stays in breeding

Uskomaton Ullaadia (EUR a 24) won her breeder over, the little bastard... so stays at home

Utelias Ulpukka (EUR ns) available

Ulpukka has classic tabby ghost markings and Unelma and Usko are spotted. 

Qtti has had his heart scanned summer 2014 and is very much healthy, as is his mother whose heart has been scanned twice already as well as kidneys, healthy as a horse.



Our first Abyssinian kitten born July 11th 2014!!

s: Yade's Fluoriitti (ABY os)

d: Dweia's Blachder Ddedwydd (ABY os)


Aurinko Armas (ABY os)

Stays at home though everyone tries to steal her every visit, I check pockets and purses, just so you know...

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