European and Abyssinian breeding



IC FI*Kassilan Heinäkuun Heila (EUR a 24)

b. 27.7.2009

s: GIC Amor Wildstar*EST (EUR ns 23)

d: CH Kassilan Erheetön Enne (EUR f 23)



Sintsi is our oldest girl, she keeps the youngsters in order with my help.

Loves kittens, own and borrowed, and tries to make them a bit too often...

She's our J- and P-litters' mother, at the moment she's nursing her run-away-litter.

Sintsi is sort of looking for a new home, due to owner's illness, and so is her daughter Penni, preferably to the same home.


GIC Honey's Meringue (EUR g 23)

b. 11.5.2011

s: SC Kassilan Gentle Goblin (EUR e 23)

d: Honey's Blueberry (EUR a)



Markku is a gentle giant, she's absolutely the biggest EUR-girl I've ever had or seen. But she's not masculine in the least, she has a lovely expression and her manners are always subtle, she's a lady in every way (except her name...).

She's the mother to our S-litter and hopefully to many more.


IC Pulu (EUR ns 24 var)

b. 9.9.2010



Pulu is as silver as they come, she has a beautiful expression but she tends to gain too much weight on her already quite rounded body. She has a lovely temperament and altogether easy nature.

Pulu is a dedicated mother and she decided to end her show career by creating a blood clot on her ear, so she's had three "litters", though first one had 6 kittens and the two most recent only one :)

Pulu is also possibly looking for a new home, foster or breeding, but with no hurry.


DK*Boholdt Duchess (EUR fs)

b. 12.2.2012

s: GIC Mumindalen's Ikaros (EUR ns 22)

d: CH Boholdt Sanne Salomonsen (EUR d 24)



Hertta was supposed to be my foreign start for silver tabby breeding, too bad she's still not smoke.

She's a lovely girl, had lovely kittens but for silver breeding she's a bit challenging :)

Hertta's had Q-litter and is planning more as soon as her heart is scanned second time.

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